p r e s s  &  r e v i e w s

Things you’ll see on the corner of 1st and Bell: Passersby from yogis to yuppies, hipsters to hippies.

Things you won’t see: A shopper walking out of Endless Knot without a bag and a smile.

This clothing treasure trove has outfits for everyone and every occasion. The wooden shelves are packed with flirty frocks for evenings out, stylish yet office-appropriate dresses, flattering pants, flowing tops, and trendy tunics. Those already planning their autumn wardrobe will love the cozy coats, soft sweaters, and Prairie Underground hoodies.

The smiles are thanks to the staff: They’re helpful without being pushy, and always on hand to help you make tough decisions (Sleeves or strapless? Peacoat or cloak?). And it’s dog-friendly, so feel free to bring your canine companion in for a second opinion.

​Now you know what everyone’s grinning about.

- DailyCandy.com

"If you are in the market for some fun, colorful additions to your wardrobe, but aren’t interested in dropping your paycheck, stop in Endless Knot. They have a great selection of reasonably priced, adorably cute clothes and accessories for women."​


"Love their support of unique items
and local designers. Price range is
good as well ... 
every time I go in
I spot something right off the bat
that I like. 
Please don't ever leave
Belltown, Endless Knot!"​

Anu. A., Seattle (Yelp)​​​

"I never fail to find something wonderful to take home from

Endless Knot."

Tammy W., Seattle (Yelp)​​

"I...love...this...store. Every time I go in there, it's like Christmas. They have the most wonderful selections, from dresses to coats to purses to mittens."

Linz. Y., Seattle (Yelp)​​​

"This is one of my favorite clothing stores in Seattle ... Soft, sophisticated, swingy, svelte clothing. Down to
earth and chic staff."

Cathy G., Seattle (Yelp)​​​

"Amazing necklaces, bags, earrings, and the like, at reasonable prices (and often from local artists). I've purchased countless gifts for friends from this store, and they've always been a hit."

Geraldine D., Seattle (Yelp)​​​

"I never fail to find fantastic clothes here of all prices ranges. The dresses are incredible and many are super unique ... This is a great boutique -- 
one of the best in price and selection
of awesome clothes in Seattle."

Laura M., Seattle (Yelp)​​​

"From start to finish, the salesladies were friendly and attentive ... Other perks? This store is full to the brim
with fun accessories like cute purses and one-of-a-kind jewelry. Love."

Helena B., Chicago (Yelp)​​​

"Endless Knot is my favorite store in Belltown! ... They have a great selection of dresses for all body types!"

Maria Isabel P., Seattle (Yelp)

"This shop has darling dresses
and accessories and is laid out in
such a stylish, inviting way."

Sarah W., Seattle (Yelp)​​​