Baby bump style struggles

Shop the Look: Tank – Nikibiki Classic Scoop Neck Cami  |  Skirt – Survival Pencil Skirt  |  Necklace + Bracelet – KOZAKH  |  Bag – Triple 7 Global Reversible Tote  |  Scarf – Sandy & Sid Beaded Fringe Scarf  |  Glasses and Hat also sold in-store  |  Jacket – Gap Denim Jacket (Not sold in-store)  |  Shoes – Birkenstock Arizona Sandals (Not sold in-store)



Hi guys! Sydney here; if you haven’t heard already or noticed my growing bump in the shop… I’m pregnant! What a blessing these last 24 weeks of my life have been {eye roll}. If you’ve been pregnant before, you understand the challenges of pregnancy and I’m here to tell you, this growing a baby thing is hard work! I’ve been faced with overwhelming exhaustion, serious nausea, a burst of empowering energy, the boobs most women deal with yet I’ve never understood and now, a progressively growing belly. As magical as maternity is, I’ve battled with it thus far and still have quite a bit to go so I thought I’d share a bit of my journey with you all and maybe get some girl power in return. 


Most recently, my biggest challenge has been not fitting into all my favorite Endless Knot clothes! I got lucky early on because I have a pretty casual and comfy style with a wardrobe full of loose fitting clothing so I was able to continue wearing most things in my closet up until the last few weeks. However, now not even my baggiest boyfriend jeans button around my bump. While this is not something to complain about because I get the gift of a {hopefully} sweet little boy in the end, I’m not going to lie… As a naturally thin woman who’s never had to work hard to maintain my size, growing out of my clothes has been a little defeating and disappointing. 

What do I do? Well, I tried visiting a maternity store and unfortunately for me, the styles were not fashionable, flattering, or of the unique design I’m spoiled with by working at Endless Knot. Long story short, I left in tears and swore I’d never return to a maternity store again. Since then I’ve evaluated my closet; I tried everything on and determined whether it fit, was flattering, and had room for growth and eliminated everything that didn’t feature all three. Surprisingly, I was still left with quite a bit of a selection; lots of flowy tops – but no bottoms to coordinate with other than leggings, a handful of versatile dresses, and drapey layering pieces like scarves and cardigans. While it was helpful to know I still had an assortment of clothes that still fit, it opened my eyes to some needs which ultimately revolved around comfort. First of all, I needed bottoms and as much as I hated the idea of buying maternity jeans, I’m a jean girl and I decided to do a designer splurge in this department {stand by, they’re on their way so expect a full review when they arrive and cross your fingers that I love them}. I also invested in this super stretchy and comfortable pencil skirt {pictured above} by Survival that’s typically sold in the shop in three classic colors – black, grey, and navy. I can wear this above or below my belly and pair it with all sorts of tops from fitted tanks to flowy blouses. My other need was longer, fitted but stretchy camisoles and slips to wear under my dresses and with leggings so I can get some use out of my cute tops and tanks this summer. I was in luck because Endless Knot stocks great camis like the green Nikibiki tank pictured above and my favorite M. Rena slips {not pictured} that will work with all stages of my bump. These pieces will also be great to transition into cooler weather because comfortable layering is going to be a big deal as I continue growing! 


So struggling with stylish maternity wear has been my most recent challenge, but you better believe there are more to come. Follow my journey and support me along the way; find me on Instagram {@sydneyannebell} and friend me on Facebook for updates on the blessings of this pregnancy and how working at Endless Knot can keep even me, in my various shapes and sizes, fashionable!  

Bonus Bump Style



Bonus Look #1: When I want to dress up for a much needed date night or feel a little more professional at work, I know I can always turn to our trusted designer collection, Viereck. The cuts are flattering on all body shapes and sizes and the prints are unique to the brand. This staple collection is designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, CA with the highest quality and perfect for any woman’s wardrobe, pregnant or not! Paired with my trusty OTBT block heels, I can be cute AND comfortable!


Bonus Look #2: Don’t laugh, I literally call this style “The Tent Dress.” There is seriously enough fabric in this sweet Mittoshop shift to build a small fort with and it is the most comfortable dress on the market! It’s a great option when I want a more subtle bump and it’s the perfect shape for you gals who aren’t growing a baby but perhaps throw down one too many pastries during brunch… You know what I’m talking about. 

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