Fell in love with a sweater...

So I fell in love with a sweater. It started slowly then hit me all at once - this is the stuff dreams are made of. That obsession small children have with soft satin tags on blankets, using the silky fabric to caress their skin in that soothing and familiar way…that’s the feeling I get from this sweater. 

In typical Seattle weather it’s not a debate between peacoat or sweater, but rather a strategic endeavor to configure layer upon thoughtful layer of each. It’s not enough to throw on a jacket, once indoors I'm still going to need sufficient insulation. God forbid it’s raining and I have to peel off that soaking wet layer when I trudge inside.  


This massive sweater, also known as a duster, is perfect for staying fashionable and warming up after ducking in from the cold and crisp rain. It’s soft and thick - it reminds me of my duvet cover back at home in my warm bed. I can throw it on over any outfit and pull off a kind of boho-but-still-pulled-together look. 


The biggest drawback to layering any massive sweater under a coat is usually the drape to the sleeves, or any general bulk, which makes it impossible to snake my arms through my coat sleeves. 

This sweater from Wooden Ships puts an end to those struggles. The blend is a considerate mix of synthetics and very fine, soft wools. Although the layer still remains thin enough to pack on my exoskeleton of a coat before I have to bear the elements on my walk home, I don’t have to choose between wearing a practical outer layer and my favorite cozy sweater - I can wear both! 

 If you’re anything like me, you’d try to get away with wearing a snuggie to work if you could. Thankfully, Wooden Ships has provided me with a much more stylish alternative. Its part cowl neck, part sleeved poncho, part asymmetrical hem. The best bits of each all rolled into the most versatile and functional layer I have discovered in ages. While I still feel warm and cozy, the design is sophisticated and chic. 

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