February 13, 2017


For this week’s blog I was asked to write about women’s empowerment. I’m guessing that my brilliant staff of young women thought I’d take this opportunity to write about all the wonderful women owned brands of clothing we carry. And yes, we do carry a lot of them. Made in America, by women, for women. Women are powerful. We celebrate that at Endless Knot. 


For me, though, a call to write about women’s empowerment must do so much more. Everything is political (yes, even where you get your clothes) and acknowledging the political must play a part in understanding where we are and where we are going. 


This past week saw a constant deluge of reporting about the continued attacks on logic and decency coming from our current administration. It also saw some of the most egregious examples of how women are perceived in this climate. We watched in shock as Elizabeth Warren was silenced. A wise and determined woman, shut down, for speaking truth to power. And we gawked, in utter dismay, at Betsy DeVos’ confirmation to a position that by all measures she was uniquely unqualified for. A wealthy donor calling in her chit, to the detriment of all. These women, both powerful for very different reasons, represent some of the best and worst of what we see around us. I take joy in standing with Elizabeth Warren as #ShePersisted for the greater good. And I don’t get lost in despair at the corruption that brought us Betsy DeVos. I am empowered. I march, I organize, I resist. And I vote.


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